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Treepex Device

A few months ago a small, but the bold idea started to gain attention worldwide. A viral campaign named “Treepex” made a huge buzz. And we, the people standing behind the campaign, have lost our friends, tarnished the company’s reputation, and made some press and TV giants angry by ignoring their pleas for an interview. But we had a great reason to stay quiet, and that reason was saving the world.


United We Plant

We have started Treespond as a tree planting platform against Trump’s and other politician’s ignorance quotes about the environment. But now, we have a major disaster to face – California is burning! The fire continues to rage in the hills and ravines.


The goal of the campaign is to completely rehabilitate Borjomi Forest. To achieve this we plan to clear the entire territory of debris created as a result of the fire, secure it with the fence, plant and take care of 750,000 trees over the next 5 years. The campaign gives opportunity and unites businesses and individuals across the globe to take part.


We want to start a new Christmas tradition with you – while you are busy decorating your Christmas trees, let’s plant a real fir tree where we need it the most.